Better events, together.

Create, manage and promote complex events

A complete solution for creating memorable complex events

EventApe is an event management solution which helps you create and manage events, customize registration forms, sell tickets and cross-sells services. Whether you are organizing a big conference, a music event or an in-house workgroup EventApe is the right solution.

All-in-one Solution

Keeping all the data centralized improves data governance and optimizes analytics. It is also more productive and cost-effective.

Powerful Features

EventApe is a secure solution that is packed with all the features needed for any type of event.

Customer Support

We consider customer support as our main priority. Our trained support team is dedicated to your success.

Scale and Grow easily

Often, it's the smallest details that matters the most.

Online Registrations

Create and manage online registrations, waiting lists, and group registrations. Get paid for tickets and other services. Keep live track of the event financials at all times.

Advanced CRM

Securely store all information of attendees, companies, and sponsors in one place. Create your team and push all relevant information about the event.

Smart Reporting

Generate in-depth reports, on demand, to better understand the event's performance. Share your success with event stakeholders and sponsors.

Direct Marketing

Generate beautiful email campaigns, send SMS or push notifications. Connect your Social Media communities and create a buzz around your event.

Live Websites

Publish beautiful event websites without the need of any technical knowledge. Modify the theme and make it look exactly as your brand. Save the theme for future use.

Budget Management

Our smart budget management can estimate the actual costs, and capture live ticket sales for better management of the provided funds.

Floor Plan

Simple and powerful, our floor plan will be your smart seating assistant. Assign people or groups on their tables and instantly notify them. Print and present it at the entrance.

Machine Learning

We use Artificial Intelligence to further analyze big data and accurately predict patterns. This helps in better understanding the outcome of past and future events.

  • Simplify the registration process
  • Make sure the latest news, notifications, and interactions, pop-up in the activity feed
  • Keep customer engagement easy and provide better communications
  • Generate more accurate results for the event stakeholders
  • Display live content, tweets and relevant information
  • Easily capture insights from live surveys
  • Promote event networking and 1-on-1 meetings
  • Allow attendees to rate speakers or sessions

Leverage the success of your event with the powerful tools and the right strategy


  • Set event goals and objectives
  • Get budget estimates
  • Identify speakers & sponsors
  • Find the perfect venue
  • Publish the event's website
  • Engage on social media
  • Build a community

Setting the event's planning process is not an easy task. Our smart tools assist you to identify and put together all the details for a perfect event.

During the Event

  • Confirm the event's agenda
  • Start event registrations 
  • Engage with attendees
  • Keep posting on social media
  • Analyze statistics
  • Share changes and updates 
  • Promote Social Networking

During the event, you will be able to keep live track of all the parameters and alter them if needed with immediate notifications to all the participants. 

Post Event

  • Update the website
  • Send thank you emails
  • Send the invoices
  • Create the final surveys
  • Analyze and understand
  • Send special content to VIP guests
  • Share the results
  • Complete the post-event evaluation

Host a post-event Q&A to further improve your quality, and generate final reports for your sponsors.

Companies that used our solution

Often, it's the smallest details that matters the most.


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