Making event ticketing transparent

EventApe uses Blockchain technology to guarantee the customer gets a fair price on their ticket, while the event organizers and resellers also gain money on tickets that are bought and re-sold

Own the secondary market

Use our blockchain revolutionary platform to sell your tickets and keep control on all the resales

Control the resales

Assign specific rules to your tickets such as a percentage or an amount to be received as a commission by the resellers and a top price for the ticket price

Join our MarketPlace

We help you control the secondary ticket-selling point directly on our MarketPlace, assigning you in charge of what gets sold, how and when

API Integration

Connect our Protocol to your existing system with a few simple steps or provide an API to your reseller partners

How the magic happens

We use the Blockchain to record transactions meaning everything we do is fast, reliable and transparent

EventApe Tickets

Sales Channels, Primary sales, Affiliates, MarketPlace, Secondary market etc.

Sales Channels

Primary sales, Affiliates, MarketPlace, Secondary market etc.

EventApe wallet

Attendee tickets

This jungle is unlike any other

When we said 'all-in-one', we weren't kidding!


Make the gala dinner registration accessible to your VIP only. Connect and charge activities to specific tickets


Invite King Kong there to co-organize the event with your team. Need to get him outside New York first

integrated crm

Your customer's data, customer's information and interactions, all in one place. No more looking in the jungle


Your professional event website is created just by entering the event's data. Just choose the design Bananas


It doesn't matter how big your event is. You'll be ready to create and take it live in minutes


Bundle your contacts into groups. Invite groups to your future events with just a click, forget re-importing emails